Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greetings my Friends!

Dear Friends,

Greeting from Hudson!

I am sitting here in my office and as I look at all of the boxes, half empty shelves, and packing material, I can feel the excitement welling up inside about the journey before me. When I began my education at Asbury Theological Seminary, it was always with some attention to my first appointment. Where would I go? What would it be like? And I could not be more excited to join the Druid Hills family as pastor, as your pastor.

I want to take this opportunity to earnestly thank you for the cards of greeting and friendship that Debbie, the boys and I have received from you. I cannot wait to get to know each of you and see how God is already doing good work among you. This is an exciting time for my family as we embark on this new season of our lives. My wife Debbie is also a pastor in the United Methodist Church and as I begin my work with you, she is beginning her work with the wonderful people of Belleview UMC right down the road. As my family embarks on this journey, we will have several changes in front of us. This will be the first time Debbie and I will worship apart in the 29 years we have known each other. This will be the first time one of us will not have our boys with us every week at church. This will also be the first time that we will have to mesh two different church calendars into our family schedules. So as you can see, there are going to be many changes in our lives and the lives of our two young boys, Parker (5) and Wesley (1). But we are excited for these changes!

But as excited as I am about the opportunity to minister among you, I know that this transition also signals a change for you. You will be saying goodbye to Pastor Tammy and her family. For the last two years, they have lived and worked among you in the cause of Christ and I know that you will miss them. Pastor Tammy has been wonderfully welcoming and helpful to me in preparation for moving and I know that you will join me in a prayer of blessing for her as she begins a new phase in her own ministry.

As this new journey in our lives begins, I hope that you will join me in prayer, asking for God’s direction and wisdom as we work together for His kingdom. I look forward to spending many seasons ministering among you.

Pastor Daryl

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