Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bible Challenge 06/05 - 06/11

Greetings All!

This week we are again staying in the history books as we finish up I Chronicles and go most of the way through II Chronicles. Chapters 23-29 finish telling the story of King David's reign. The book of II Chronicles details the reign of David's son King Solomon in chapters 1-9, before beginning to chronicle in chapters 10 and following, the history of the kings of Judah down to the time of the exile.

For many people, history can be a bit boring at times. For me it's always been fascinating. Especially the history of the Bible. These are our spiritual ancestors and their story is a part of ours. While we may not be the ACTUAL kings or queens of Israel and Judah, the Bible tells us that we share in Christ's inheritance and sons and daughters of the King. And from their example we can see the importance of making choices and how our choices affect those around us.

Here is our schedule for this upcoming week:

6/5, Sunday - I Chronicles 23-26

6/6, Monday - I Chronicles 27-29; II Chronicles 1

6/7, Tuesday - II Chronicles 2-5

6/8, Wednesday - II Chronicles 6-9

6/9, Thursday - II Chronicles 10-13

6/10, Friday - II Chronicles 14-17

6/11, Saturday - II Chronicles 18-21

May you be inspired by the Spirit as you read from the Old Testament this week.

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