Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Midweek Moment

Dreams. We all have them. They can be those images and events that happen when we sleep. They can be those goals and hopes we have for our future and the futures of the people that we love. But they are there; bringing us comfort and providing us direction.

But the one thing about dreams is that they can be influenced. On any given day, whatever is weighing on my mind or circulating through my consciousness has a strong probability of influencing my dreams that evening. While I rest my mind will still ponder those thoughts and influences and turn them into images. Sometimes those dreams are pleasant, other times enlightening, and yet at times they can also be alarming. Those resulting feelings and learnings can also impact the dreams I have for my future and that of my family.

The influences that impact my dreams can come from experiences at church, interactions in my daily routines, conversations I have had, or stories I have read. They can alter my perceptions and also impact my reality. These influences can be political, philosophical, religious, or foundational. They change how I act, what I think, and what I believe. Consequently, these influences can be very powerful.

So that question that I want to pose to you, is where do your influences come from? Who or what do you allow to direct your dreams? Is it a famous figure, mainline doctrine or philosophy? Is it your Lord and Creator?

You see it is that last one we sometimes ignore. We will read all we can from our favorite author. We will listen to all we can from a trusted teacher, professor, or celebrity. We will accept with blind devotion the thoughts and ideas of another person, allowing that to shape our life, our actions, and even our faith. But how often do we take what we are accepting as truth and pass it through what we feel God is trying to tell us?

God has a dream for each of you. A dream for your purpose in this life and the life to come. A dream that will draw you closer to God as you experience all of the love, grace, and mercy that God has for you. A dream that will impact your relationships with others as you pass along that love, grace, and mercy to others.

My friends, I encourage you to think about your dreams and the factors that influence them. Is God part of that influence, all of that influence, or at times none of the influence? My hope for us all, is that as we answer that question God will be revealed to us, guiding and directing our dreams, so we can live out God’s dream for us with passion and with vigor!

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday!

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