Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Midweek Moment

I remember my first Sunday here at Druid Hills. I saw these bright colored, children’s beach pails coming down the aisle. I was not quite sure what they were for, but I remember them being called the “quarter buckets”.

I asked around and was told of how these buckets came to pass as well as their purpose. One of our former members had this great idea of how we might be able to support the United Methodist Children’s Home in Enterprise, FL. He felt that if we collected a little bit of money each week, then we would be able to give a significant gift each year. He was right!

The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home is a ministry of the Florida Conference. It is a place where children and their families can find refuge when they face very difficult life circumstances. Their vision statement speaks to this: To be a place where children are safe and loved; where youth are given the opportunity to be healthy, self-sufficient adults; where families become strong; and where every person is treated as a unique creation of God.

Therefore, each congregation is asked to prayerfully and financially support this ministry every year. In fact, we are given an annual goal for our gift to the Children’s Home. Last year we were asked to raise $2,484. Our gift for 2013 was $4,524.16, 182% of our goal! Our quarter buckets play a wonderful logistical role in our gift exceeding our goal so significantly. By focusing on our commitment to the Children’s Home each week, by passing those buckets and collecting money each week, we are able to surpass our goal each year.

Many people understand and endorse our support of this vital ministry. However, many people also do not know very much about this vital ministry. On Saturday, March 15th, you have the opportunity to change that. Our district has been invited to “A Day on Campus”. You will have the opportunity to tour the campus, see inside the homes where the children live, see them perform during a short program, and share a meal under the tent. This will be your chance to see up close what this program is all about.

Several years ago we took a group to tour the campus and it absolutely left an indelible mark on me. I spoke with house parents, with the children, and was so moved by the love of Christ that I felt flowing through that place. These children come to the Children’s Home for various reasons, but they are always given the chance to experience the love and grace of Christ in this place.

I want to encourage each of you to seriously consider taking advantage of this invitation. I am planning to go, as is the rest of my family. If you would like to go, please let the office know and we can work on arranging a car pool. The gates will open at 9 A.M. with campus tours, the program will begin at 11 A.M., and lunch will be served at 12 P.M. If you would like more information please click here. I hope you all will be able to attend.

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday!

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