Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Midweek Moment

This past Sunday evening, Debbie and I took the boys to Bruster’s for a cool treat. They love to go and play with the hula hoops, dance in the bubbles that pour down from their roof, and draw with the sidewalk chalk. As we arrived there really was not a line, just one older couple in front of us. She was wearing a very nice dress and her husband in a suit; coat and tie. I assumed they had been to an evening church service and had an idea similar to ours; it was a great night for a cool treat.

After I had everyone’s treat, I passed them out, and we sat on a bench outside to enjoy them. I noticed that the couple in front of us found a bench to share across the courtyard from where we were camped out. The boys never eat their entire dessert before running off to play. They have a routine where they take four or five bites and will then play for a spell before coming back to eat more. It goes back and forth till we tell them it is time to go home. In one episode of play Davis ventured over to show this couple his shoes with Spiderman on them. They were very kind as they took a moment to chat with him and even ask him a few questions.

After that exchange I watched them. They were so cute. She sat looking at her husband with such affection and adoration. He was doing all he could to make sure his wife had all she needed and fetched her napkins as necessary and then took her bowl and spoon and disposed of it after she was done. You could tell, very quickly, that they were very much in love, one with the other.

About ten more minutes passed and they simply sat with each other, had a nice conversation and shared few laughs. I kept thinking how I wanted Debbie and I to be like that couple someday. Then they got up to go. But before they left, the lady grabbed a piece of chalk and drew something on the sidewalk. My curiosity went into overdrive and I could not wait for them to leave so I could run over and she what she wrote. They said bye as they passed us and held hands as they walked to their car.

As soon as they pulled out, I jumped up and ran over and this is what I found. I almost cried. In an act of exuberance and love she wrote their initials on the sidewalk and circled it with a heart. And I have to imagine that there are several trees and a few sidewalks that bear this image as well.

I want to invite you all to take some time this summer and express your love to another; a spouse, a child, a friend, a relative, a co-worker. Take the time to live into that moment and enjoy the power that love can give to each of us. You will be glad you did!

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday!

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