Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Midweek Moment

The routine has set in. School is back in session, our seasonal Fall programs are getting geared up, and people’s family commitments are starting up once again. This means that we are going to start doling out our time as well as our efforts and energies as we engage in those events and activities.

This time of year can and is very exciting. The hope of what the Fall will bring, the anticipation of new challenges, the new achievements that will be earned, and new opportunities for growth and learning. All of this can elicit a true sense of hope in all of us.

That same kind of hope and excitement can be felt here at Druid Hills as well. We have many opportunities for that growth and learning, for those challenges and achievements, as we live out our life together in this body of Christ.

For instance, F.A.D. (Faith and Discipleship) Night will gear up again on September 4th. Our Pumpkin Patch is starting to take shape again for this October. We still have spots open to serve a meal at InterFaith. S.O.S. (Sisters of Soul) is organizing a yard sale for October. We are still in the midst of our Advent Campaign as we strive to raise money to host another meal packing event here on site. We are partnering with St. Mark’s UMC to support and help out with their new homeless mission, Open Arms Village. These are just a few of the many, many opportunities we have to live out our faith as this Fall season begins.

To get the information on these opportunities you can check out our website,, read my blog,, read our bulletin, read our newsletter, listen to Bob’s announcements before worship, and check out the Connection Station on Sunday mornings. I want to encourage you to be proactive in seeking out ways to live out your faith, be willing to try new things and work with new people. The power of the Holy Spirit can and does move in mighty and unexpected ways. It is also in those spaces and places where you are out of your comfort zone that the Holy Spirit has more room to work.

I pray this last half of 2014 is one where your horizons are expanded, your grace is multiplied, your friends are increased, and your transformation is continued. May you be that beacon of God’s love to another and may we all see God’s Kingdom continued to be built on earth as it is in Heaven.

Have a great September everyone!

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