Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Midweek Moment

I spent all of Tuesday working with the District Committee on Ordained Ministry. I am the Registrar for that committee and we are charged to work with all of the people from this area that are answering a call into full time church ministry.

Yesterday we talked about and interviewed over 30 candidates. As they shared their stories and answered our questions, I grew incredibly hopeful. These are incredibly sharp and gifted people. These are people that range in age from their early 20’s to their mid 60’s. These are people that come from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. These are people that have a wide range of spiritual gifts and have all stepped out on faith to go where God has called them to go.

As I thought about the impact these people will make for the Kingdom of God, my hope flourished. Our church, our conference, our denomination will be in good hands as these people make their way through the process and venture out to lead and direct our congregations.

And just as my hope grew in those interviews thinking about the future of the church, I hope your hope is growing as you travel through Advent and think about your future with God. This whole season is about reflecting on who we are in God, where we are on our faith journey, and the path that is laid out before us as we continue to travel. There are some difficult conversations you will have on this trek of faith; there are some horrific hurdles you will have to navigate; but there is also a deep and abiding presence that will carry you throughout.

That gift of God’s presence, affirmed in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and carried out today through the power of the Holy Spirit is part of what we remember during Advent. God’s love made manifest in the person and life of Jesus, showing us what love really looks like, showing us what this world could really look like if we all lived by that love, is what we remember at Advent.

As you ponder your faith walk this Advent, I pray this understanding gives you hope. I pray that you find God in new and wonderful ways. I pray that Jesus comes to you in a very real and powerful way in the coming days.

We have hope of a certain future, an assured future with our Lord and Creator. And in that we can always find hope.

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday,

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