Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Thank You Note!

Hello all!

I was very impressed by the Easter Tableau and truly enjoyed being a part of it. I was also thrilled with the community turnout and reaction. I had many people stop by the tent and express to me how moved they were. In fact one person thought enough of their experience to send us a thank you note and I want to share that note with you.

What a awesome and moving night at your Easter Drive Thru! I've been telling everyone they need to see your church. All who participated did a great job, and were so nice. The best part was the Communion at the tent. The one's who performed this did it oh so well. What love of Christ shared with us.

Church, keep reaching out to the community.

We thank you for Sharing God's Love.

The Jones'


Friends, the Holy Spirit was at work, lives were touched and an impact was made. This note is proof of that and we can celebrate that.

Thank you again to all who participated and used this time to tell others of the love of Christ. The message was delivered and the people heard!

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