Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bible Challenge 4/24 - 4/30

Greetings All! pray you are finding the book of Joshua interesting. While considered a "prophet," Joshua is also a historical book. It not only tells the story of Joshua's life and leadership of Israel, but also the story of the people of Israel from the death of Moses until the death of Joshua - as they move into and work on conquering the Promised Land.

This week we will finish up Joshua and move into Judges, the stories that take us from Israel's entrance into the land of Canaan through the emergence of the monarchy.

Now on to the schedule:

4/24, Sunday: Joshua 6-9

4/25, Monday: Joshua 10-13

4/26, Tuesday: Joshua 14-17

4/27, Wednesday: Joshua 18-21

4/28, Thursday: Joshua 22 - Judges 1

4/29, Friday: Judges 2-5

4/30, Saturday: Judges 6-9

Have a glorious Easter and blessed week!


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