Thursday, July 28, 2011

Midweek Moment

This week has been a unique one. If you read this blog then you know that we have lost two members of our church family over the last seven days. Any of you that have experienced the loss of a loved one to death, understand the wide range of emotions you feel as a result of that loss.

As a pastor, I am with people, for a bit, as they go through this valley in their lives. I get to witness some of the tears, the questions, and the range of emotions that people feel. And this year, as a husband, I stood by my wife as she lost her father. Death is a very real aspect of our lives. It is a difficult aspect, but it is one that we all have to experience at some point.

This week I sat down to watch TV and just decompress. I did not have a particular program in mind to watch, I basically just wanted a distraction for a little while. A show that I had never watched before was on, 8 Simple Rules. This show has long been canceled, in large part due to the death of John Ritter, who played the father in this show. Many of you may remember his tragic death almost eight years ago. This particular episode that I watched, aired just after Mr. Ritter's sudden and tragic death. It was about how each of the remaining characters were dealing with the loss of their husband and dad. There were several story lines that were intersecting each other, wreaking havoc on the whole family. Finally, with the mom at her wits end, she turned to her dad, who had been in the background fixing things around the house to help out. She said, “ok dad, stop fixing things and help.” He gave her a hug and answered, “right back at you baby girl”. This prompted the mom and two daughters to have a real conversation about what they were feeling and how they were handling the sudden loss of their husband and father. They reached out to each other in love and support.

As part of God's family it is important that we reach out as well. Sometimes help is physical and tangible, like helping someone go through belongings of a loved one and fixing things around a house. Sometimes it is behind the scenes, like praying or coordinating people to bring food over. Sometimes it is simply presence, like sitting silently with someone or going with them to run an errand. When we let that person know that they are not alone and that you care, then we are showing them the love of God. A love that can take many forms and that we all can be active within.

Take time today to reach out to another. Tell them you love them. Show them you care. Allow them to see God at work within you. Regardless of whatever else happens that day...I bet it will be a good day!

May God's blessings rain down on you today and everyday!

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