Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bible Challenge 08/07 - 08/13

Greetings All!

This week we will finish up several weeks of Psalms. Whew! The longest book in the Bible is complete. You should feel a huge sense of accomplishment! By the end of this week, we'll be halfway through the Old Testament. Of the Psalms we are reading this week, Psalm 137 is an interesting one. It includes the line, "by the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down and wept." This Psalm is clearly written years after David when the people of God were in living in captivity/slavery in Babylon. It has been used in at least one spiritual as well as a reggae song. The Orthodox churches often use this as a hymn during Lent.

The book of Proverbs is a collection of sayings, written by King Solomon, whom the Bible calls the wisest man ever. There are 31 chapters in this book and some people I know read through Proverbs every month with just a chapter a day. Back in eighth grade, our entire year of Bible class came out of the book of Proverbs with Coach Lewis. What has always fascinated me is the wide range of topics found there and how applicable those words from Proverbs still are today.

Here is the schedule:

08/07, Sunday - Psalm 136-139

08/08, Monday - Psalm 140-143

08/09, Tuesday - Psalm 144-147

08/10, Wednesday - Psalm 148 - Proverbs 1

08/11, Thursday - Proverbs 2-5

08/12, Friday - Proverbs 6-9

08/13, Saturday - Proverbs 10-13

May God add his richest blessings to the reading, the hearing and most importantly, the living out of his holy Word.

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