Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bible Challenge 08/28 - 09/03

Greetings All!

We continue our journey through most of the first major prophetic book, Isaiah. Remember this book is named after the prophet Isaiah who ministered to the southern kingdom of Judah for a period of about sixty years (740-680 BC) through four different kings.

Isaiah came from a privileged family and he was well educated. Some people have even called him the "Shakespeare of the Bible" because of the beauty and poetry of his words. He lived in the city of Jerusalem for most of his life. He was married (his wife is called a prophetess) and had at least two sons that are mentioned in the book of Isaiah. He lived at the same time as three other minor prophets: Amos, Micah and Hosea. Strong tradition suggests that he died a martyrs death under the reign of King Manasseh by being placed within the hallow of a tree trunk and sawed in two.

The name Isaiah means "the salvation of the Lord" and the book is often referred to as the "Book of Salvation." The first 39 chapters deal mainly with strong messages of judgment against Judah and a call to repentance and holiness. He predicted the demise and captivity of Judah, yet comforted people with the hope that God had promised a Redeemer. The last 27 chapters contain God's message of forgiveness, consolation and hope as God speaks through Isaiah, revealing his plan of blessing and salvation through the coming Messiah. The New Testament quotes the book of Isaiah 66 times, more than any other Old Testament book except for Psalms.

Here is the schedule for this week:

28, Sunday - Isaiah 19-22

29, Monday - Isaiah 23-26

30, Tuesday - Isaiah 27-30

31, Wednesday - Isaiah 31-34

1, Thursday - Isaiah 35-38

2, Friday - Isaiah 39-42

3, Saturday - Isaiah 43-46

May God bless the reading, the hearing and most importantly the living out of His Holy Word. Amen!

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