Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bible Challenge 09/11 - 09/17

Greetings All!

We continue on through the second major prophetic book in the Old Testament this week, Jeremiah.

There are six main sections to this book. By the end of this week we'll have worked our way through three of them and be partway into the fourth. The earliest and main core of Jeremiah's message is found in chapters 1-25. Chapters 26-29 contain more biographic material and note Jeremiah's interaction with other prophets. Chapters 30-33 talk about God's promise of restoration. And in chapters 34-36 we'll begin seeing Jeremiah's interactions with Zedekiah and the start of the fall of Jerusalem.

One interesting thing I found as I was doing research this week had to do with the historical accuracy of the text. Parts of the book of Jeremiah were actually found in Cave 4 at Qumran, part of what we call the Dead Sea Scrolls. Comparison of our present-day book of Jeremiah to these earliest known versions show no significant changes. Debbie and I were privileged to be able to visit Qumran when we were in Israel in 2009.  The picture to the left, is one that we took ourselves.  It is cave 4, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

Here is the schedule:

11, Sunday - Jeremiah 9-12

12, Monday - Jeremiah 13-16

13, Tuesday - Jeremiah 17-20

14, Wednesday - Jeremiah 21-24

15, Thursday - Jeremiah 25-28

16, Friday - Jeremiah 29-32

17, Saturday - Jeremiah 33-36

May God bless the reading, the hearing and most importantly the living out of His Holy Word. Amen!

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