Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Midweek Moment

This past week in worship Becky Klotz and Ellen Sisson talked to us about their journey in becoming a part of this body of Christ. They mentioned all of the different aspects that they encountered that lead them to feel Druid Hills was the place for them. They used words like, compassion, love, and welcoming.
For our part of the body to be these things; to be compassionate, loving, and welcoming, it takes many people. It takes many people coming together, using the various gifts that God gave them, and actively participating together in order to truly be successful. You see for us, as a community of believers, to effectively reach the least, the lost, and the last, we need to work together. You can not do it by yourself. I cannot do it by myself. God has given each of us different gifts and when can can work in concert with one another, then the magic happens.
I stole this picture from a pastor friend of mine. It is six young people using their hands to form a cross. And it helps make my point. For us to be the cross of Christ we need to work together. If anyone of those young people were not there, using their hands, the cross would be incomplete. For us to be the cross of Christ, that means that we love each other as we love ourselves. It means that we put the needs of others above our own...always. It means that we seek to show others no matter their past, they have value to us. It means that we put our selfish desires aside and we seek to follow God's will. It means that we empty ourselves out for the one that sacrificed himself for us. It means that it takes all of us, doing all of these things, to be the cross of Christ for others. If we missing just one piece, then our cross in incomplete.
When we as the body can put all of our trust in God, when we as the body can step out on nothing but faith, when we as the body can be in this world but not of this world, then amazing things will happen!
This week I encourage you to spend some quality time looking for how you can be a part of the body of Christ. What role can you play, along side others, in reaching out in God's name? What mission can you plug into that will allow you to bring the type of forgiveness that Christ preached during his ministry on earth? What example can you bring into a group that will allow the Holy Spirit to be moving and active within that circle?

This world is full of challenges, challenges that can be overcome when we all work together, as one, as the cross of Christ.

Have a great week and I will see you soon!

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