Thursday, November 17, 2011

Midweek Moment

Today I witnessed something truly wonderful. You see, I was invited to a Thanksgiving lunch. This lunch was tremendous for so many reasons. I am sure your first question is, how was the food? Spectacular! And the company? Even better! But neither of these qualities alone, are what made this experience so wonderful.

I am sure many of you have heard the command to love others as you love yourself. Today I witnessed that decree, in all of its majesty and wonder. It started to become apparent to me as we sat down to eat. I could hear tidbits of various conversations and most of these conversations were about the lives this particular group lived together. I heard stories about loved ones no longer with us. I heard stories about jobs these people had done together. I heard about accomplishments and achievements. Little did I know, that was just the beginning. After everyone finished eating, they got up and started visiting with each other around the room. Carrying their conversations with them as they visited. I heard more stories, more compliments, and witnessed more bonding. This group of people were living out, love others as you love yourself, right before my very eyes. They were not talking to hear themselves speak, but asked questions about each other, and were genuinely interested in each other. But it got better. Someone had to leave. Now I am not saying it got better because someone left, but it was how this person was treated when they announced they had to go. Everyone stopped their conversations and said good-bye to them. They shook their hand, wished them a Happy Thanksgiving, and patted them on the back. They took the time to let that person know, they were important.

I was so moved, so humbled, to be able to eat with this group of people today. They showed me, reminded me, what valuing another person truly looks like. It was so wonderful to witness that today, to experience that today. Today was not about tasks, or time, or obligations. Today was about friends, and love, and concern for one another.

As we progress through Advent this year, I pray you have the opportunity to feel what I experienced today. In the midst of the hustle, in the grip of the bustle, take the time to love one another. Be reminded that God loves us so much, that God came in the flesh, to express that love for us. Love each other, be kind to each other, always treating each other better than we treat ourselves.

Have a GREAT week and I will see you Sunday!

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