Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Midweek Moment

I love to see God at work. I love to be left in awe of how the Holy Spirit moves within us. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where the Holy Spirit is so powerful; it is not a matter of if something is going to happen, but when it will happen. Other times, it may sneak up on you and come out of nowhere. Regardless of how it happens, we should always be ready to answer when God calls.

Last night, Debbie went for a run. Usually this is a family affair with Debbie and I running and the boys
following us on their bikes. However, with my recent ear surgery I cannot bounce all of that around with running right now. Therefore, Debbie simply intended to go solo. As she began her stretching routine, Wesley figured out what was happening and asked if he could go with her. She told him to put on his bike helmet and she would love the company. He quickly objected and said that he did not want to ride his bike, he wanted to run. Both of us were very surprised but Debbie agreed to try it. Neither of us figured he could last the whole 30-45 minutes of one of Debbie’s running workouts. But we stretched him out, gave him a water bottle, put an iPod on his arm, plugged in his headphones, and they were off. Folks, this five year old ran the whole thing and LOVED it!

Not only did he love it, he did a great job. Debbie never had to stop or slow down to wait on him as he kept up with her the whole time. If Debbie and I stuck to our initial thoughts, we would have made him stay home. But given the opportunity, Wesley showed us he was capable of more than we thought he could handle.

If it has not happened already, the Holy Spirit is going to call you. If you have not heard that voice yet, God is going to seek you out. You have been blessed with gifts and graces for a purpose on this Earth and God wants to puts those gifts to work. Some of you may know your gifts, while others of you may be surprised at your gifts. I want to encourage you to not undersell yourselves. If God calls you to a task, God has equipped you for it. While it may be more than you can handle, it is never more than God can handle.

When God calls, trust in the Holy Spirit and go knowing you are not alone. Go, knowing that God is with you. Go, knowing that God has called you and will guide you through it. Go, with intention and faith. After all, it may one of the greatest adventures of your life!

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday!

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