Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Midweek Moment

Self-examination is hard. Let’s just start with the truth and name it. Honestly looking at who you are, from an altruistic perspective, from a faith perspective, from a disciple of Jesus Christ perspective is hard. There are always things we could do better or more frequently. There are always those fruits of the Spirit that we could exhibit better or more frequently. And to sit and verbalize those short comings can and is an uncomfortable and difficult exercise.

This week in worship we will look once again to the nature and person of Jesus, but this time through the lens of Jesus as a rebel. Jesus was anything but the cultural norm, anything but easy to sweep aside. He challenged the norms and called them unacceptable. He said there was a better way, albeit a harder way.

Lent is all about introspection. It is about looking at who we are as Disciples of Christ and being honest about what we need to change to be more like our Messiah and Savior. It is about making those hard decisions to allow the Holy Spirit to enter in and remold us in the image of God. It is about claiming our birthright as children of God and not settling for what is culturally acceptable or easy, but allowing the love of God to continually change us as we strive to become more like Christ every day.

This Lent, I want to encourage you to continue to give yourself over to Jesus. I want to invite you to allow the Holy Spirit to show you those places where you can take down your walls and allow grace and mercy to be your guide. I want to implore you to seize this opportunity to become more like our Creator so that when others look at you, they see God in all you say and do.

Self-examination is hard, but it is necessary. Through the Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting, and giving may each and every one of you experience the presence of God as we all seek to be all that God has created us and called us to be, this day and forevermore.

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday!

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