Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Fives

Here are a few things that I caught my attention this week.

1. Bible Study – Starting this Thursday, August 20th, we are starting a new Bible Study class. We will meet at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall and study Christianity's Family Tree. This will be a video series that helps us to understand where we came from and how we can enrich our own faith by understanding the beliefs of others. I sincerely hope you can make plans to attend. It is not too late to register, just give the office a call to sign up. Hope to see you there!

2. Sermon Series – Last week we started a new series entitled, Lessons from Moses. During this series we are going to look at the life of one of our great Biblical heroes and see how God worked in him, through him, and transformed him to accomplish God's will.

3. Salty Service – Our Conference leaders describe Salty Service like this: "Salty Service makes a difference in people’s lives – both those being served and those serving. Salty Service makes us “doers and not hears only” (James 1.27). Salty Service connects the lives of disciples with the ongoing work of Christ in the world. Salty Service restores credibility to those who would share a Gospel of love to a doubting world." If you work one hour outside the walls of our church then be sure to get a Salty Service card from the pew holders and drop it in the offering plate. You do not have to fill anything out. Just get a card and turn it in. As easy as that!

4. Cook Book – Our church is putting together a cookbook, so if you have a favorite family recipe that you would like to submit please pick up a form from the welcome station and fill it out. I know we have a tremendous amount of good cooks in this church that will make for a very good book!

5. New Member Gathering – If you have been attending for a while and are thinking about joining our church there will be a New Member Gathering in the Pastor's Office on Sunday, September 27th at 12:45pm. We will discuss what it means to be a member and get to know one another as we discuss our role as Christians. If you would like to attend please call the church office to sign up.

Have a great week!

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