Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fives

Here are a five things that caught my attention this week:

1. We are having a wonderful time at Bible Study! There are 30 of us that gather each Thursday night at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall. We talk about our brothers and sisters in Christ and how we can learn from other Christian faiths to help enrich our own. Next week we are discussing Lutheranism and all are welcome to come join us.

2. This week we are concluding our preaching series on Lessons from Moses as we discuss why giving God glory is important. Our next series will focus on what we are called to be as the church and how the Methodist Way can help us in that.

3. Remember the Salty Service cards. Our Conference leaders describe Salty Service like this: "Salty Service makes a difference in people’s lives – both those being served and those serving. Salty Service makes us “doers and not hears only” (James 1:27). Salty Service connects the lives of disciples with the ongoing work of Christ in the world. Salty Service restores credibility to those who would share a Gospel of love to a doubting world." If you work one hour outside the walls of our church then please get a Salty Service card from the pew holders and drop it in the offering plate. You do not have to fill anything out. Just get a card and turn it in. As easy as that!

4. Last week we recognized our students, graduates, and school employees. Please keep them in mind as they all begin school and pray for them earnestly and frequently.

5. I would ask for your prayers for my wife Debbie this week. She goes in Thursday, 9/3, for surgery. Please pray for a trouble-free procedure, quick healing, and good post-op results. Thank you in advance.

Have a great week!

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