Thursday, May 27, 2010

Branches United Methodist Church

Last week I lifted up Branches United Methodist Church and their pastor, Audrey Warren. At 1am last Sunday morning their sanctuary, and part of their playground, was burned to the ground.

I have been in contact with some friends of mine in that area and I have some information that I would like to pass on to all of you. First, as many of you know, we are a connectional system, meaning we are all part of one body. So I am asking you to consider helping Branches UMC, it's staff, congregation, and its ministry in any way you can. And we do have a few options.

One way to help is monetarily. If you have the ability we can do several things. One, you can put your donation in the offering plate on Sunday, two, you can drop it by the office, three, if you want to donate online, see me and I will show you how. Any money we gather I will make sure it gets to them.

Another opportunity to help is through prayer and the church has asked for prayer in several areas.
  • Prayer for help in sorting out all the information concerning the fire and for favor with the investigators.
  • Prayer for strength for Pastor Audrey and Kim Torres. Not only do they have to deal with the logistics that comes with a disaster, they still have programming for the community that starts at 2pm and does not end each night until 10pm.
  • Prayer for this community of faith who has suffered so much.
  • Prayer for insurance, investigations, adjusters, church and community leaders to stand with this sweet and powerful mission!
  • Prayer against discouragement and the spiritual forces of evil that are prevalent after a devastation like this!
This church fills an incredible need in Florida City, for children, the homeless, the poor. This church was a refuge for many, and a source of strength for all. Please be in genuine prayer for how you can help this church and its people. Thank you!

For more information about this church and the fire, you can click here

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