Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Midweek Moment

Yesterday I was asked the question, "What excites you about your ministry?" Have you ever thought about that question? Growing up in Seffner, at the bottom of my church bulletin were the words, "All are ministers for Christ." Regardless of our past, or our present, as believers we are all ministers. We all have a charge to spread the name of Christ as we build the Kingdom of God together. So, I ask you now, what excites you about your ministry?

Sometimes we get so caught up in life, the business of it, the burdens we carry, and all those things that we feel we must do, we can lose sight of our calling as ministers. Each one of you has been given a spiritual gift by the Holy Spirit. Each one of you have been equipped by God to perform some function for the Kingdom. I once heard it expressed in this manner. This world is made up of spheres of influence. All of us run in groups, with certain people, sharing certain interests. Those interests are what tie us together. For me, my sphere of influence would involve mainly 30-40 year old people, with a young family, that love sports, and love God just a little bit more. It would be people that are dealing the miracles and pains of young children. It would also consist of people that grew up themselves in the 1970's and 1980's, and remember things like the TV show CHiPs and Magnum PI. The people that find themselves within that similar situation would fall within my sphere of influence. Those people would feel a very strong connection to me, and I to them. We would share memories of similar events and a bond would generally grow between us rather easily. This bond would then open the door for me to be able to relate to them, and them to me, and give me the opportunity to share with them my faith. The foundation of a shared life and shared circumstances would allow my words to carry more weight and allow me to use words and expressions, timelines and events, that would deliver the largest impact to those within my sphere. Now this does not mean I cannot do the same thing or have a significant impact on someone outside of my sphere, it just means it is easier within this sphere.

You all have a sphere of influence. You all have a group of people that are similar to you, that you can influence with some degree of ease. Chances are you already are part of some such group right now, formal or otherwise. When you walk within this sphere your words are listened to with intent. Your actions are also watched with precision. Take just a bit and think about your sphere and who falls within your influence? Who is it that falls within your ministry?

Now, I will ask you my original question again. What excites you about your ministry? How have you been the instrument for which God has been seen and realized in the life of another? What have you allowed God, to do through you, that has made the Kingdom a present reality? When we become that willing vessel for God, excitement in our lives is just the beginning. I want to encourage you to be open to God, be active in your ministry. No one, and I mean no one on this entire Earth, can do your ministry better than you. As you can see, you are very important. The Kingdom of God will be very different with you and your ministry. Minister well and may the excitement of God wash over anew each and every day.

Have a great week and I will see you soon!

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