Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Midweek Moment

As you know, last week I posted an update to the pending adoption my family is pursuing in my Midweek Moment.  I have been so moved by all of you that have come up to me and offered your support and a kind word about this endeavor. I told Debbie on Sunday afternoon I always wondered how many people actually read my Midweek Moment. Now I know quite a few of you do. So, thank you for your that.

By now, you each know how important my family is to me. I treasure the time we have together and I am intentional about making sure I spend quality time with them. They have each been entrusted to my care anMidd I want to make sure I am as good a husband and father as I can be, as God has equipped me to be. And I know my feelings about family are no different than any of you. Many of you have shared stories with me and modeled for me the importance and value that you place on family.

One of the ways I spend intentional time with my family is through an event called, Clergy Kids. We have done this in years past and Parker and Wesley absolutely love it! As you can imagine, being the child of a pastor comes with a uniqueness all its own. For example, demanding schedules of parents, uncertainty in many areas of life, and the understanding that the house they live in is only theirs for a period of time. So Debbie and I made a covenant with our boys that there would be one thing that would always be theirs, Clergy Kids Camp.  It takes place at the United Methodist Youth Camp in Leesburg so they can begin to see that place as a sacred place that will always be there. This is our gift to devote that entire weekend to them.

In my stead, the United Methodist Women have agreed to lead worship this Sunday. The ladies of this group will lead us in prayer and word, including Mickey Stevens, a certified lay speaker, delivering the message. I am excited for them to lead you all and I know you will feel God’s blessings flow as a result.

So while I will not be here in worship Sunday, I will be in a church as Daddy. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for supporting my presence there, and I will look forward to worshipping with you all again next week.

Parker and Wesley are really looking forward to it, and so are Debbie and I!

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