Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Midweek Moment

This week I received the following email.

Dear Druid Hills United Methodist Church,

Thanks to a new feature on our, your church has come up as a top search result while potential visitors to your church were on This software is based on the geographic location of where the visitor is browsing, so it pulls up the churches and activities located closest to them.

Rethink Church will continue offering this notification moving forward, so we hope that you will continue updating your church profiles, information about your community and ways one might be involved in the life of your church.

The Team
United Methodist Communications

How wonderful is that?!? Druid Hills has come up as a top search result! People are looking for a place to go. People are searching for the channel in which they can reach God and feel the power of the Holy Spirit. And those people are right here; in our neighborhoods and in our communities. This means they may be coming to visit or already have visited. This means we are being given the incredible responsibility to be God’s Ambassadors when they arrive. We will have an opportunity to show them the love, kindness, grace, and hospitality that we as United Methodists base our faith upon. This is awesome!

All of this took my thinking back to our worship service last week as we talked about the rule of Do No Harm, speaking unity in this life rather than using our language, and even our silence, to drain life from others. When people come to visit our family, we are being inspected. They are looking to find a group of friendly, welcoming faces. They are looking for a group of people that will accept them with no judgment or ridicule. They want to find a group of people that are part of a family where peace and hospitality are the main building blocks of their corporate foundation. We can be that place. In so many ways we are that place!

I just want to encourage all of us, to continue down this path. To continue to bring unity to this community. To continue in the daily practice of asking God to help us guard our language. It was once written, “Practicing our faith in the world requires our deepest resolve, our greatest faith, our unwavering trust, and a very, very large measure of God’s grace.”

May that grace of God wash over you today. May that grace that is so freely given to you, be so abundant in your life that your cup runs over and that grace is shared with all those around you.

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday,

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