Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bible Challenge 05/19 - 05/25

Greetings All!

This week our reading will have us finishing up the book of I Kings and beginning the first few chapters of II Kings.

As we begin we continue with Solomon's reign as king. Afterwards however, the story starts to turn as thehistory of Israel moves from being one united country into two divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The northern kingdom is Israel, with its capital in the city of Samaria and is made up of the ten northern tribes. The southern kingdom is Judah, with its capital in the city of Jerusalem, and it is made up of the two southern tribes (Benjamin and Judah). The Scripture then becomes a narrative of the lives and reigns of the many different kings in the two kingdoms.

There are a few prominent people and stories in this section. For example, we get an extended look at evil King Ahab of Israel and his interactions with the prophet Elijah in I Kings chapters 17-22. By the 2nd chapter of II Kings, Elijah is taken up to heaven to be with God and the story continues through his successor Elisha as he ministers to the northern kingdom of Israel. Another item of note is that Chapter 5 includes the fascinating story of Naaman's healing.

Here is the schedule:

19, Sunday: I Kings 2-5

20, Monday: I Kings 6-9

21, Tuesday: I Kings 10-13

22, Wednesday: I Kings 14-17

23, Thursday: I Kings 18-21

24, Friday: I Kings 22 - II Kings 3

25, Saturday: II Kings 4-7

May God add His richest blessings to the reading, the hearing, the understanding and most importantly the living out of His holy word. Amen.

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