Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bible Challenge 07/14 - 07/21

Greetings All!

More Psalms this week! Our focus is mainly the second section of Psalms this week which extends from chapter 42 through chapter 72. Of these 31 Psalms, 18 are ascribed to David and the rest are anonymous. 
One of the interesting things about many of the Psalms in this week's reading are the connections that can be made to Jesus and the New Testament. Below is a partial list of references about the Messiah in these psalms and how they are answered in Jesus (this chart comes from The Messiah Revealed website).

None of the Messiah's bones would be broken.Psalm 34:20John 19:32-33
The Messiah's offering of himself would replace all sacrifices.Psalm 40:6-8aHebrews 10:10-13
The Messiah would say the scriptures were written of him.Psalm 40:6-8bLuke 24:44
The Messiah would come to do God's will.Psalm 40:7-8John 5:30
The Messiah would not conceal his mission from the congregation.Psalm 40:9-10Luke 4:16-21
The Messiah's betrayer would be a friend whom he broke bread with.Psalm 41:9Mark 14:17-18
The Messiah's throne would be everlasting. Psalm 45:6-7aLuke 1:31-33
The Messiah would be God. Psalm 45:6-7bHebrews 1:8-9
The Messiah would act with righteousnessPsalm 45:6-7cJohn 5:30

May your reading of Psalms this week give you fresh eyes for the Gospels!

Here is the schedule:

14, Sunday: Psalms 39-42

15, Monday: Psalms 43-46

16, Tuesday: Psalms 47-50

17, Wednesday: Psalms 51-54

18, Thursday: Psalms 55-58

19, Friday: Psalms 59-62

20, Saturday: Psalms 63-66

May God add His richest blessings to the reading, the hearing, the understanding and most importantly the living out of His holy word. Amen.

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