Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Midweek Moment

This past Sunday in worship we talked about covering one another’s back and that one way to do that was prayer. We emphasized that through the power of prayer we can pray for people, regardless of distance and regardless of any intimate knowledge of all facets of their situation. We can speak their name and God will hear.

For many months now we have been praying for Joey Liu. He is a young man in Gainesville that is battling cancer and we have been praying that a specific treatment will be made available to him before it is too late. This young man, despite living in incredible pain, seeks to go to school as much as possible. He is wonderfully intelligent and extremely gifted. He plays musical instruments and I just found out today is a remarkably wonderful artist. I am so moved by this young man and his fight for life, for normalcy, and for his childhood. He holds his head high, does the best he can, and shares his gifts with so many.

I found out about these gifts of artistry because Joey sent me a thank you card. The photos you see in this post are the front of a card he designed and an origami bird he created that he included within it. The front artwork is of a Chinese Dragon and the caption reads, “I will be as strong as a dragon!”

Each and every one of you that has prayed for Joey and thought about Joey has helped him reach for the strength of a dragon. I want to encourage you to continue to lift this young man up, as well as his family. Prayer is strong, prayer is what we do, and prayer can truly make a difference.

We are praying for you my friend and may you find that strength of a dragon, each and every day!

Have a great week and I will see you all soon!

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