Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Fives

1. We are beginning a new preaching series this week involving Stewardship. We will be looking at this from the idea of living responsibility with what God has blessed each of us with.

2. Literacy Tutor – Karen Hill will be here Tuesday at 6:15pm to lead an informational meeting where she will explain how we can get involved with the Literacy Coalition and become tutors for adults. If you are interested or think you might be, please make plans to attend. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall.

3. New Bible Study – Beginning Thursday we will begin a new study on spiritual gifts, entitled Serving from the Heart. This is a four week study that will help you discover your gifts and talents for the Kingdom. Pastor Daryl will offer the same lesson twice every Thursday, once at 11:30am and again at 7pm. This will give greater flexibility for more people to attend. Please fill out sign up sheet in the bulletin if you plan to attend.

4. Communion Signup – If you would like to help serve Communion there is a signup sheet at the Connection Station where you can volunteer. There are three lines for each month, simply look for a month where you are available and sign you name. We will teach you everything you need to know.

5. Last week I shared in worship something that God was laying on my heart. As I was preparing for worship that morning I felt this idea so strongly that I could not hold a thought in my head. I tried to push it out and continue my preparations but simply could not. The idea is that we should try and seek a way to walk alongside the nursing home and rehab centers around our church. One idea is that we establish a representative from our church for each facility that could contact the facility about ways we could take a group of people over and pray with residents or become pen pals with some of them. Basically the premise is for us to see how we can let those people know that we care. So if you are willing to help me figure out how to make this ministry take shape just let me know. I have had a few of you speak with me already. I am very excited about this and am anxious to see how God will help us make this a reality.

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