Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Midweek Moment

I love how God works! All of last week, as I was preparing the message on Isaiah, there was one theme that was very strong for me; “Here I Am!” Over and over again, that idea of us presenting ourselves completely and humbly before God was so very strong. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that was what God wanted us as a congregation to hear on Sunday.

Trying to be forward thinking, I kept saying to myself, “Here I Am!” is great. It is important. It is absolutely what we should be striving for. But how? How can we at Druid Hills United Methodist, get from where we are to where God is calling us to be? What tools can we use, what prayers can we say?

As of Monday morning, this path was no clearer to me. However, God was at work. Last November I had signed up for a seminar in Gainesville, entitled Mission Centered Ministry. I did not know much about how this topic was going to be approached, but I did know the presenter and he is a very gifted teacher. And that is why I signed up for it. Little did I realize that this path I was searching for was about to be revealed.

I spent that entire day in Gainesville, listening about how to discern the nature of a congregation (purpose driven vs. preference driven), ideas to get our nature more closely aligned with where God calls us to be, ways to shift our thinking from obstacles to opportunities, how to develop a vision for mission, and methods we can employ to increase our ability for evangelism.

I was sitting there in the auditorium at Trinity UMC writing as fast as I could, in awe over how quickly and how completely my question was being answered. When I planned to speak about these prophets of the Old Testament, none of this was on my radar. But as I was working through Isaiah this “Here I Am!” premise was so overwhelming. And then God did not leave it alone. God finished what was started. Like I said, the planning of this seminar was a year or more in the making, my planning of this sermon series was done six months ago. But, God knew that I would ask this question and God knew this seminar would answer that question. This revelation was in the works before I even knew I had a question! I love it!

Our God is awesome! Our God inspires awe and when we give in, when we humbly say here I am, God will absolutely leave us trembling in awe. My hands were literally shaking as I was trying to take notes. My heart was beating fast and my mind racing. As I sit here and type this I am still trying to process it all. But the one thing I do know, is I am so glad we serve the God we do. God desires to be a part of each of our lives. God desires to work within each of us to transform us and recreate us. God delights to hear us say, Here I am, use me! God wants to be a daily part of your life!

This week I encourage you to look for ways to be used by God. Look for ways to submit to God's will like never before. Look for ways to have God's will become your will. But always and everywhere, in everything you do, expect God. God is there, God is willing, God is waiting. Let him in, let him do a good work within you, and then he can do a good work through you!

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday!

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