Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bible Challenge 03/18 - 03/24

Greetings All!

This week we will conclude Genesis and begin our trip through Exodus. To help add a layer of intrigue to your reading this week, I added in a few pictures of the trip to Egypt Debbie and I took in 2009. The first was a stop at the supposed well of Marah detailed in Exodus 15:22-26, followed by a picture of Elim, detailed in Exodus 15:27. Next is a picture of the hill where Moses raised his hands so the Israelites could defeat the Amalekites in Exodus 17:8-16. Finally there are a couple of pictures taken from the top of Mount Sinai at sunrise. I hope they help you envision what's being talked about in the pages of the Word.

Now with these places in mind, here is the schedule:

18, Sunday: Genesis 50 - Exodus 3

19, Monday: Exodus 4-7

20, Tuesday: Exodus 8-11

21, Wednesday: Exodus 12-15

22, Thursday: Exodus 16-19

23, Friday: Exodus 20-23

24, Saturday: Exodus 24-27

May God add His richest blessings to the reading, the hearing, the understanding and the living out of His Holy Word. Amen.

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