Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Fives

1. Preaching Series - We are continuing our Lenten preaching series this week, The Drama. Our focus each week will be upon some of the people who interacted with Jesus in the final hours before his death,  government and religious officials, disciples, and general followers. We began this series at our Ash Wednesday service as we spent some time reflecting upon our role in this drama, for we are not without a part to play. Last week the drama unfolded as we looked to Pontius Pilate. This week our attention will turn to Peter, the one Jesus called "the rock". Bring a friend and come join us, as we all learn together!

2. Bible Study - We are continuing our Bible Study entitled, Delving Deeper: A Journey Through Phillipians. This is a study written by local author and pastor, Charissa Jaeger-Sanders. We are using journaling, sketching, and doodling as a means of connecting with this piece of Scripture as we go verse-by-verse. I encourage you to come and join us in this study that will stretch you, educate you, and enlighten you. All the details and the form to register can be found by clicking here. It is never to late to join and we would love to have you! Invite a friend and I hope to see you all there!

3. Day on Campus - Mark your calendars for March 17, when the Florida Children's Home will open their gates for their annual Day on Campus. It's been an annual highlight for the last 27 years. The day begins at 8:30 am with a Welcome Tent with warm coffee and breakfast treats, then tours of the campus throughout the day, a special program at 10:30 am with music and dancing provided by the children, lunch in the Big Tent, and an Alumni gathering place for reminiscing. This is wonderful opportunity for you to see the Children's Home and the wonderful ministry they provide. If you would like to go please contact the Church Office to RSVP by noon on March 9th. I hope you can all go, you will be glad you did.

4. General Conference 2012 - General Conference is the top policy-making body of our denomination. They convene once every four years and the location can be anywhere in the world. This year, General Conference will be April 24 - May 4th, in Tampa! That's right, it is right here in Florida. It is truly an honor to be the host Conference, and have General Conference so close and it may not be this close again for a very long time. Therefore, the Florida Conference is asking for your help. If you feel lead to help, please click here for more information. Amazing things can happen when we all chip in!

5. Biographies - We are in the midst of completing a book about the family members here at Druid Hills UMC. So often we know of each other, but do not know that much about each other. This book will help all of us get to know each other a bit better. We are asking that each person of the congregation fill out a biography form and return it to the office by March 11th. This book will not be complete without you!

Have a great weekend and see you Sunday!

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