Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fives

1. Preaching Series - Do you ever feel like the world is weighing heavy upon your shoulders? Like your spirit is being weighed down so strong that you cannot move? Starting this Sunday, August 26th, we are beginning a new six-week preaching series entitled, Traveling Light, where we will look at the importance of releasing ourselves from the weight of feelings like want, guilt, shame, grief, and doubt, among others. I hope you will make plans to join us each week as we seek to better understand the help God is eager and willing to offer to each and every one of us.

2. Newsletter Available - The September edition of our church newsletter, The Sunshine Herald, is now available online. Simply visit our church website, place you mouse over the Church Publications item in the menu bar at the top, and then select Newsletter, or you can click here. You may also pick up a hard copy in the narthex this Sunday.

3. Lay Servant - Do you have the gifts to become a Certified Lay Servant? Are you interested in finding out? On Saturday October 27, 2012 and Saturday, November 3, 2012 (both days required), from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, at the First United Methodist Church of Eustis, a training will be offered to help you answer those questions. The Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course focuses on the many ways lay servants are called to be in ministry through such things as leading, teaching, serving, proclaiming the gospel, disciple-making, and personal spiritual formation. The purpose of lay servant ministries as it relates to caring, leading and communicating will be shared with participants as they are encouraged to recognize and use their spiritual gifts. For more information, please contact the church office, 629-5688 or email us at

4. Historian Needed - If you are interested and passionate about recording the important events in the life our church, we have an opportunity for you! We are in need of a church historian to help chronicle the important events in our history. It does not require significant time, just a passion for the mission. If you are interested please see me and we will talk.

5. Thank You!! - I just want to thank each of you for the wonderful way in which you all welcomed our YMCA friends last week. Your offerings of hospitality, the massive amount of food you brought, and the warmth you showed these new friends was awesome to watch! I spoke to several families that commented on how "at home" they felt in our midst. So, thank you for being you, for showing radical hospitality, and letting these guests know that God loves them and so do we!

Have a great weekend and I will see you Sunday!

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