Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Midweek Moment

Have you ever been a part of something and wondered if the goals of that endeavor were accomplished? Have you ever planted a seed of possibility or hope within another person and found yourself curious if those seeds ever grew? I think we all have a desire, at some level, to know the fruits of our labors. Well, we got a glimpse into that very window this week through a card sent to the church, thanking us for the efforts of so many that worked our Pumpkin Patch this year. Below is what was handwritten inside the card:

“I wanted to thank you all for allowing me to take pictures last Wednesday. I enjoyed seeing the many acts of kindness you all showed. The world could use many more people like all of you. Here are the pictures I took for you all to have. A special thanks to Doris for all the info. Thanks again for making our community and world a better place.”

An impact, a seed, a beacon of hope. Call it whatever you want, but something special was done and we can celebrate that. According to N.T. Wright, as believers and disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to be advance foretastes of God’s new creation. I agree with him. We are called to be the love of Christ, we are created to exude the grace of God, and we are called to give people that hope that comes from the certain joy we find in our relationships with God. We are to be that advance foretaste!

I thank each of you for your efforts in and prayers for our Pumpkin Patch. It is more than just a fundraiser for the church. It is more than just a chance to sit outside and chat. It is our opportunity to witness to our faith in God, through our words, deeds, and interactions. Judging by this card, we seized the opportunity and made this world a better place.

Have a great week!

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