Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Midweek Moment

This morning in our evangelism study, we talked about the need to find ways and rituals we can use to reestablish our desire to submit to God’s agenda each day. Some people attach a time of prayer to a regular activity that they do each day; like walking a dog or walking around their neighborhood. Others pray as soon as they wake. Bill Hybels, the author of the study, says he gets out of bed in such a way that his knees hit the floor before his feet, so he is in a posture of prayer rather than a posture of movement.

I believe that it is so important to make sure we daily dedicate ourselves to God and God’s will. Each day we need to take time to realign ourselves with the power of the Holy Spirit, to deny ourselves, and be certain we are doing all we can to follow where Christ leads us. As situations change, as opportunities unfold, we need to be ready to go as Jesus calls us. One of the ways we can do this is through prayer. Some people like to pray on their own, just giving over to God anything and everything that is on their heart. Others prefer some direction and a few words to get them started. Several years ago I published five daily prayers in our church newsletter; Early Morning Prayer, Mid-Morning Prayer, Mid-Day Prayer, Early-Evening Prayer, and Evening Prayer. These are all found in our United Methodist Book of Worship. The words and images conveyed in these prayers are fabulous. But one of the greatest gifts, if you use each of these daily, is that five times a day you are talking with God. Five times a day you are giving God a chance to speak to you and help reestablish your desire to continue working through God’s will.

Today, a collogue of mine shared a wonderful video online that reminds us of our need for God. This video is a nine-part a capella track of the hymn, I Need Thee Every Hour. I have included it below so can listen to it. I encourage you to remember that while we do need God every hour, the best part is that God is faithful to be there every hour.

Now get your tissues, wipe your eyes, and I will see you Sunday!

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