Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bible Challenge 12/27 - 12/31

This is it! You have made it! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just read the Bible from Psalms 3 through Revelation. For those of you that did not have the opportunity this year we will begin again on January 1, 2010 and will go all the way through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice. We will read four chapters a day. I promise that you will be blessed and rewarded for your effort.

For those that have done it, I am very proud of you and look forward to hearing what this has done for you. So here are the last few days.

12/27, Sunday - Revelation 11-14

12/28, Monday - Revelation 15-18

12/29, Tuesday - Revelation 19-22

12/30, Wednesday - No Reading

12/31, Thursday - No Reading

Do not forget January 1 we will start again and I will post those two days later. Have a Merry Christmas!

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