Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Midweek Moment

This will be my last newsletter article as the pastor of Druid Hills, as your pastor. As I shared this announcement with you in worship this is a very bittersweet time for me. While I will greatly miss being here and living out the mission of Jesus Christ among you, I am also looking forward to fulfilling my goal of serving alongside Debbie. I have shared this goal of serving alongside Debbie with many of you, and when we were approached this year that an opportunity was available for us to be together, we accepted it. With this new opportunity opening for us and with two of our boys starting new schools next year, we made the decision that this is the time for us to make this move.

When I arrived here six years ago I was a brand new pastor. You were, and will always be, my first appointment. I was excited about the possibilities. I was eager to get to know you and see what we could do together for the Kingdom of God. I was full of hope that my time here would foster deep relationships and you all would accept me and my family and make us part of your family. As I look back over my time here and reflect upon those initial impressions I can honestly say it all worked out better than I ever could have imagined!

You all opened up your lives to me and allowed me into those special places. You have allowed me the honor to officiate in your baptisms and weddings. You have permitted me into those sacred moments that take place at the end of your loved ones lives and we have stood there together. We have laughed together, cried together, tried new things together, but most importantly we have grown together.

I am so proud, honored, and humbled to have been your pastor. You all have amazed me, shaped me, guided me and loved me. You gave me courage to try new things and strength to listen as the Holy Spirit guided us. You helped to take a new pastor and affirm the gifts of God within me and because of you I feel ready for this next chapter of ministry.

This next chapter will unfold with the people of Community United Methodist in Fruitland Park as Debbie and I seek to help them live out God’s call upon their lives. I would humbly ask for your prayers for my family as we enter into this transition. This will be the first move our children remember and you all will be the first church family they will remember. Please know that as I ask for your prayers, you all will be in mine. I pray your vitality and your heart for outreach continue. I pray your expectations for the future will be exceeded and as you press on you will feel the power of God with each and every step.

Over the last six years our church family has grown, our outreach has blossomed, and because of that Druid Hills has very exciting years in its future. The wonderful thing about the church, about this church, is that it belongs to Christ. While I will no longer be the pastor of Druid Hills, Christ will still be your leader. And so with Christ as your source and guide, you are in good hands; hands that will never leave you nor forsake you.

My dear friends, I will always remember you, will always be in prayer for you, and I am so excited to see what marvelous things you will do in the future. While I will not be with you physically, a part of my heart remains and never forget in the name of Jesus Christ, I will always love you.


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