Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Midweek Moment

Sunday was AWESOME! I am so grateful to all who prayed for this event, helped with the planning, and to all of you who came and offered yourselves and your time. We had 84 people show up to participate in our first, and hopefully annual, Church Has Left the Building event! This was our chance to show this community that Jesus loves them and so do we!

We went to Ocala Health and Rehab and sang with the residents and served them Holy Communion. We went to Arnette House and cleaned up the garden in the center of their complex. We went the Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter and had a party with the kids, donated children’s books for their place, and brought the moms coffee. We went to InterFaith and did a makeover for three different rooms; one of which was going to house a young lady that is ready to give birth any day now. We went to our Fellowship Hall and packed 200 hygiene kits to give to UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) and a few local ministries.

I shared with everyone at lunch that this day was a long time coming. It was something that had been placed on my heart about a year ago and something I felt strongly that we should participate in. As I was driving back from checking in with the folks at Arnette House I was overwhelmed with a sense of why we did this Church Has Left the Building event. It was really very simple…because God asked us to.

Think about it; we have been blessed in tremendous ways here at Druid Hills UMC! Our giving is up, our attendance is up, and new ministries are blossoming. God has entrusted much to our care and we needed to be faithful to that trust. We needed to give back to others in the name of Christ and that is exactly what we did this past Sunday. Your testimonies during lunch were heartfelt, genuine, and very moving. I know the Holy Spirit moved within us in some very mighty and powerful ways and for that we can all be grateful!

Thank you again for praying for this event, planning for this event, and then making this event a reality. It could not have happened without each of you participating!

Blessings on each of you!!

Here are the pictures that were taken at our various ministry sites, where allowed. Enjoy!


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