Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Midweek Moment

This past Sunday I was blessed to spend the evening with the members of the Sisterhood/Brotherhood Outreach Ministry as they hosted an Appreciation Service for Pastor Alice Faison. Not only were the members of Sisterhood/Brotherhood in attendance, there were also members of the Eighth Street Church of God and a handful of us from Druid Hills.

We met on their campus at 4 P.M. for the service, which was being coordinated by the congregation of the Eighth Street Church of God, where Alice served for many years. This service, which contained many different elements, was one that was very touching and one that moved me greatly.

We began as several women lead the congregation in a few very uplifting spiritual songs. During this time people were clapping, standing, waving their hands, and singing so passionately. At times I just watched and soaked in the atmosphere, watching as people were simply overwhelmed by the movement of the Holy Spirit. But what made this even more moving was the fact it was all done acappella.

From there we moved to a time where certain people were asked to say a few words about Pastor Alice. I was given the honor of being one of those asked to share my feelings about this devoted disciple. We transitioned then to the message, that brought to us by Isaiah Johnson, Bishop/Overseer at Eight Street Church of God. We then concluded the service as Bishop Johnson began to pray over the Sisterhood/Brotherhood prayer scroll. This was a rolled up piece of fabric that the congregation had written numerous prayer requests upon. He asked that Debbie and I join him in laying hands on this scroll as he prayed. We then prayed over a poster board with pictures of their loved ones that were facing difficult life situations.

That evening, as I was reflecting upon that entire experience, there was one phrase from Bishop Johnson that really resonated with me. Just before he started to preach he said, “Sometimes you just have to wait on the Holy Spirit.” The more I think about it, the more convinced I am he is right. How often do we insert our own time line into God’s plan? How often do we determine we know what is best, more than God? How convinced are we that our timeline is superior to God’s timeline?

Folks, this service was very moving and I am so glad I was there. But more importantly, this service was not dictated by a clock or a preconceived plan. It was guided by the Holy Spirit. I encourage us to follow their lead and for all of us to live a life listening for God’s prompting, Jesus’ calling, and the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Have a great week and I will see you Sunday!

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