Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Midweek Moment

We just finished up our series on Extravagant Generosity and during this time this concept has obviously been on my mind quite a bit. Everything I have looked at, dealt with, and contemplated was all done through the lens of Extravagant Generosity.

I am sure you all have had those moments in your life where one idea, one concept, one discipline colored every aspect of your existence. Maybe it was an upcoming joyous occasion, unfortunately it can sometimes revolve around a tragic situation, and other times it can just be a season of life. No matter the situation that idea or concept becomes intimately entwined within every aspect of your life.

For me lately, this concept and discipline of Extravagant Generosity has been forefront on my mind. When I look to the missions and ministries we support here at Druid Hills and the ways our various circles and small groups are carrying out those missions and ministries, I am in awe. We have been so incredibly blessed by God and those blessings are being poured out to others.

Now I realize that some of what we have been doing in mission and ministry has a historical precedent here at Druid Hills. We have been doing some of these things for years and even decades. But I guess what I am trying to say is, how often do we notice all that is going on? How often do we stop and take notice of how the Holy Spirit is moving within this congregation? How often do we pause and take notice of what groups, other than ones we are involved in, are doing to build the Kingdom of God?

I want each and every one of you to be proud of this congregation. I want all of you to feel humbled at what God is doing through us. I want everyone to have a broad understanding of the impact that is made in this community and the world over, by the missions and ministries of Druid Hills United Methodist. I want what God is doing through us to be understood by all of us in this family and for all us to have a role in it.

This church is alive! I want to encourage all of you to help me in affirming the wonderful things that are happening here. I want to invite you to share with each other, share with your friends, share with anyone you can, the wonderful life changing things that are happening in our midst. I want to ask that if you see something truly amazing happening here, write it up in a newsletter article, ask to share it in the form of a testimony in worship, share it with me and everyone else so we can celebrate it with you. We are many hands, doing great work, creating life changing opportunities for the people around us. I want us to share that, celebrate that, and shout that from the rooftops! Please join me as we continue to feed the movement, live in the momentum, and share all that God has blessed us with.

It is a great day and I will see you all Sunday!

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